Welcome to the Lost Order of Akalabeth

Founded in 1996, the Lost Order of Akalabeth (LOA) is one of online gaming's oldest and strongest guilds. We believe our success has come from our unique approach to creating a community where our friendships are more important than the games we play. Our motto, "Friendship transcending worlds", and statements like, "Games come and go, but LOA is forever", illustrate what is at the core of LOA.

Not only does LOA bring online gamers together through adventuring the various MMORPG's, but we also have member gatherings such as camping trips, dinners and parties. LOA combines these with active forums, IRC and voice chat to help strengthen our community and friendships even further.

LOA has high standards, and only accepts members after a three-part application and voting process. We pride ourselves in having members that are mature and community-oriented team players. The detailed application process is there to ensure that new members will be a good fit for LOA and also benefit the gaming community as a whole.