While the forums are a great form of communication for the entire guild, many users also use what's known as Internet Relay Chat, or IRC, to interact. Think of the forums as sending emails and IRC as having a telephone conversation.

There are a few options available to you if you wish to talk with us in IRC.

Instructions on Connecting via mIRC

The most common method is by using a program called mIRC, a windows-based program. This is a client dedicated to connecting to IRC.

Once installed, you can use this program to connect to an IRC network.

This will automatically insert our server and channel information. After the program fully opens, simply type the following command to join us:

/join #akalabeth

Once in the room, choose a nick that you would like to use (only letter and numbers, no spaces) and type it in, like so:

/nick YourNicknameHere

There you go! All set for IRC.

If you would prefer to enter your own information into mIRC, here is the address for the hub server:

  • - USA - Colorado
  • - USA - Colorado
  • - USA - Georgia
  • - EU - Germany

Our primary channel, as I'm sure you gathered above, is #akalabeth.

Note that when connecting to Stratics, it's best to connect on port 7000.

Instructions on Connecting via the Web Based IRC Client

If you are behind a firewall that blocks the ports needed by IRC, or would prefer not to download and install a program, or would just like to see the web based IRC client, you can browse to the Mibbit homepage.

You can also connect directly to our channel.

Give the program a couple minutes to load, provide your nickname, and you should be ready to start chatting!

Other Ways to Connect to IRC

There are other clients to connect with, and other methods, for people using different operating systems, and such.

Here are a few links to more information about connecting via these other methods:

You can find a full listing of clients for nearly every operating system here.

Finally, here is a website dedicated to learning to chat on IRC.

Note that many people in IRC are idling there, which means they may not be watching what's going on in channel at every moment. If you do join an IRC channel, be sure to stick around for a bit so people have a chance to notice you there and say hi. Don't be discouraged if you don't immediately receive a welcome, sometimes it can take awhile for someone to bring up the channel and see that a newcomer has arrived.

We look forward to seeing you in IRC!